Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ode to the Coxsackievirus

(prounounced kok-sacky-virus)

Little pink dots on the cheeks and the nose,
Spreading o'er belly right down to the toes
What did we eat? Who fed you what?
What's up with the pimply spots on your butt?

Keeping an eye out, what will it do?
How will it change--crust over or goo?
Allergy? Illness? Change in detergent?
Hope of all Hopes that it doesn't get urgent.

No fussing, no pain, no attitude changes,
Of stories I've heard, this one's not the strangest.
Wake up in the morning, now there's--Good Land!
Bubbles and bumps on my little one's hands!

Off to the doc to solve the odd mystery
I'd like to sit back and just let it be history.
Don't touch the fish tank, you may be contagious.
Normally quick, this time it takes ages!

Finally in, lots of questions, now look.
Bad sign when the doc must reference "The Red Book?"
Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease spreads like a weed:
Sneeze, cough, rub, ooze, touch, pick, kiss, drool or breathe!

Send out a warning, then keep to ourselves.
We don't want to meddle in other friends' healthz.
Coxsackievirus, your name's fun to say,
But leave us alone. You're not welcome to stay.


  1. Ha ha ha ha! Love it! Your brain must be at a much higher level of functioning than mine right now. I am quite sure I couldn't compose a fun, witty poem like that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dy, you're Seussical stories should get an award!