Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A note to my Blog

Dear Blog,

I miss you.

It's been quite a while since I've paid you any attention, hasn't it? Let's see...about 3 1/2 months, actually. And there's so much to tell you, too! I'm so excited to share all the juicy details of Life these last few months, but I can't just yet.

I know. I'm sad, too. One of these days we should stay up all night, just you and me, catching up. We'll download pictures together, reminisce together and generally get all caught up. I don't know if the 'stay up all night' thing would really be a good idea, but who knows? Maybe it would...on a day when I can just let the kids watch movies until 2:00 in the afternoon and fend for themselves in the food category while I sleep in.

Why have I been so distant? Why can't I just stay and visit now? Hmm...let's see... I think I can help you understand this in the easiest way: A LIST!!!!

Priority Things To Do Either Right Now, Yesterday, Or A Week Ago:
have baby
feed baby
change baby's diapers
help get everything together so Hubby can start Nursing School
more feedings
more diapers
referee a few hour
help get ready for NYE company
enjoy NYE company
recover from NYE company
get Hubby ready to move three hours away to start Nursing School
cheer and breathe a sigh of relief that he's IN!!!!!
change phone provider to save cashola
look for a job in a city three hours away
find desk
go through paperwork
renew life insurance policies for older 3 kids
get policies for younger 2
feed baby
change...well, you know the drill
start exercising
search online for good prices for cloth diapers
get overwhelmed at the options
decide which cloth avenue to go down
search more for cloth diapers
find em
find more
message and meet strangers to make purchases
start on the Cloth Diaper Adventure
do taxes
start exercising again
get paperwork to finish taxes
be a Mom
be a Wife (long distance)
celebrate an anniversary without a Hubby
finish taxes

You see...that's just a little of what's been on my plate lately. And for most of the time, I've also had a squirmy one on my lap. So my plate AND my lap are full. So are my jeans, for that matter--thus the exercise. My heart is full, too, of love and longing to have ALL of my sweet family reunited. ...and Lee reunited with his Mega Blocks which are in storage.

But very often during my day, my brain is full of you. Fun things to share with you. Cute pictures to post, adventures, emotions, successes...just EVERYTHING!

Miss you.

See you soon.

I promise.