Thursday, June 16, 2011

Now & Later

In the immortal words of Rafiki the blue-keistered babboon:
"It is time."

Today I packed, tomorrow I finish up.
Tomorrow we rent the truck & load it, Saturday we pull out, headed to our next big adventure:

Riah's mom has an empty rental not too far from where she lives now on the other side of the mountains, with a garage and a plum tree and a fenced flat yard that'll be great for Abby's slip 'n slide. The kids are already signed up for swimming lessons at the local pool, and are pretty excited. It'll be a great landing pad until Hubby is accepted into nursing school...whenever and wherever that is.


Now I will pack up everything that we've used and acquired over the last 2.5 months.
Later I will find that one purple, jewelled toddler sandal (I really, really hope).

Now I will get nearly everything in boxes so it can stack in the moving truck.
Later I will be glad that it fits & doesn't crush.

Now I will think about the task at hand.
Later I will think of the last seven and one third years and the amazing things I've learned from some of the most amazing women.

Now I will enjoy the goodbye parties and hugs.
Later I will more fully express my love and thanks.

Now I will blog lighthearted.
Later I will blog and cry. And cry and cry and cry. (I've gotten verklempt a few times, but no tears yet.)

Now I will be grateful for a gracious, accomodating landlord.
Later I will pay it forward.

Now I will step forward into the unknown.
Later I will look back with experience and wisdom.

Now I will trust in the Lord.
Later I will do it again.

And again and again and again.


In the immortal words of my mortal father whenever it was time for us to get in the car...
"Saddle up!"