Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's a SIGN!!!

Sometimes I drive down the road and just laugh out loud at the signs that I see.  Other times I simply shake my head and wonder what the heck happened.

I've shared this before, but it's one of my favorites.
The best thing is that it was pointed at a 'T' intersection.

I think I hear my mom calling...every Wednesday morning.

Maybe you can help me out with this one from the bottom of a girly Sunday shoe.

I don't even want to know.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving feast--er, smoothie?


Another one?  What kid has FOUR missing teeth at once???

Oh.  Right.  This one.  And he looks pretty happy about it, too.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Whole Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth...or, How Alex Saved the Day

I know what's on his Christmas list!

 I was hoping that the second one would come out soon.  Love it.  He looks like a jack o'lantern, and he even has a wispy, lispy 's' when he talks.  Super cute.  He pulled the last one out at the beginning of a potluck at church, of all places.  So we folded it in a napkin & put it in my purse so it wouldn't get lost.

I love this boy.

And this boy--THIS boy, with teeth issues of his own (pardon the terrible photo, I just wanted a before photo of his wicked crossbite)--he saved my bacon.  Big time.

You see, after Lee's first top front tooth came out (about a week before the 2nd), the Tooth Fairy sort of totally forgot to come.  She was doing other things, got distracted and forgot.  


So when Lee woke up, he was disappointed.  But Alex--sweet, thoughtful Alex--told Lee about his own experience with that same sort of thing.  He had awoken to find his tooth still under his pillow, but returned later that morning to find that the Tooth Fairy had come while he was eating breakfast.  Amazing!

Lee came downstairs, and Alex put on his own glittery fairy wings.  He opened his piggy bank and pulled out two Canadian quarters.  (Whichever apprentice fairy is assigned to us is a little mixed up; she always leaves a quarter plus a coin from another country.  Sometimes as close as Canada, sometimes so far away it has a hole in it!)  Then he replaced the ziplocked tooth with his own money.
Absolutely, completely saved the day.  Mine...  Lee's...everyone's.

I love this boy.


I love this boy.

In his defense, he did come to tell me.  "Mom, ay.  Mom, ay." (ay = egg)

He did this himself, by the way.

His first attempts at 'smiling' for the camera.

It's a package!!!

This boy loves to play with his "Daddat."

You see the incoming kiss?

He can do this forever.

Happiness.  Pure happiness.

We've come a long way.
Happy Birthday, sweet boy.