Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weston's To-Do List

Last night I made a super healthy meal that (SURPRISE!) nearly everyone loved.  Then we went for a walk. This is all in response to our waxing & waning Family Focus on Fitness this year.  Nice healthy evening, no?  Well, dinner took a little longer to get ready, and it couldn't get onto the table until after Alex's soccer practice ended at 6:30.  Then because the children actually liked it and ate it and ate some more of it (including the salad), it sort of took a long time.  So by the time we were headed out the door for our walk, it was 7:45.  I know.  We are awesome parents who don't get our younger children to bed at a reasonable hour.  One thing at a time.

So anyway.  I think a combination of a healthy dinner and a dusky walk ride can be like speed for a toddler. 'Cause something caused a whole lot of craziness after we got home!

Weston's Short-Nap After-Bedtime Second-Wind To-Do List
(Times here are approximate.  It was all a blur, to be honest.)

9:20pm--Jump off of couch, landing on bum.  Cry.  Jump again & again (minus the crying), then throw a fit when Mom insists that older siblings prevent you from climbing back onto the couch because nobody is there to catch you.

9:25pm--Arch back, stick arms straight overhead, making it near impossible for Alex to take you singlehandedly into another room to provide a distraction.  Be amused when Abby & Alex make it a goofball game.

9:27pm--Wander happily from room to room eating animal crackers while Mom reads a chapter of Guinea Dog to the kids.

9:30pm--Go back for more animal crackers.  Find the recently opened 5lb bag of unbleached white flour.  Reach it.  Carry it to Mom up.side.down.  Run a jaunty run, leaving a spotty trail of white.  Make it extra bouncy so more flour dumps out with every step.

9:31pm--After hearing Mom exclaim, "WES!!!!" then "RIAH!!" notice the flour.  While she and the older kids are laughing, start playing in it.  Taste some.  But mostly just touch it.

(Pardon the fuzziness.  The camera was on the wrong setting.)
9:33pm--Pose for pictures.  Or try to put it back in the bag, just like Lee.  Nah, just play in it.  

9:35pm--Play in the office while everyone waits for everyone to get ready for family prayer.
Pull stack of papers off of desk.
Try to hand them to Dad, who is occupied.
Throw them around.
Put them back in a different pile.
Convince Mom to clean them up.
Crawl fast circles around Alex.
Zoom to push buttons on computer tower.
Reach up on tippy toes for computer mouse.
Do 'pushups' like Abby, which mostly look like head-bobbing or your closest rocker impression.
Copy Lee's physical antics.
Sit on his head and give him sharp kisses.

9:45pm--Family prayer

9:50pm--Squirm while Dad cleans poopy diaper

9:55pm--Squirm while Abby puts on clean diaper.  Squirm so much that Mom needs to help with jammies.

9:57pm--Help Mom clean up the flour until she gives up 1/4 of the way through.

10:00pm--Bedtime night
cap/snuggle time with Mom.

10:14pm--Go to bed...too exhausted to give Dad routine nigh-night loves.