Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here's your blasted update

Okay, okay, I've had enough people whine and complain about needing an update that I'll give you one. Jeez! Only kidding. If any of my friends had a major transition in their lives and were subsequently as close-lipped (well, -fingered) as I have been, I'd have some ants in my pants, too. So here goes: We moved out of our 7-year home on March 31st. Well, moving never goes as quickly as it's expected, so we finished early evening April 1st, cold, wet and hungry. And that goes for all of us--not just the kids. As we are not currently in a life-situation that would work well with a standard lease or any home attached to another (preferred, for the sake of any neighbors), our options were limited--to say the least. There's a house that we really like that'll be ready in a couple months, so we don't want to get locked in and miss out on it. Our temporary situation is this: Hubby has a friend from work years ago (I know him too--really nice guy about our age with a little girl about Alex's age) who lives alone in his grandparents' 3-bedroom home and is allowing us to stay with him at a really, really low rent rate. We asked for a miracle & got it! Two sets of bunkbeds are all set up in one big room with toys, clothes & a 1/2 bath. We have a bookshelf in our room with clothes, and another with kitchen pantry stuff because the cupboards are already full. The house is in a great neighborhood, closer to the church & preschool than we were before, on a quiet little dead-end street where the kids can play. Lots of trees to hide in when spring finally decides to set in for good, too. The 'landlord' has been really gracious. He gives us a really, really wide berth & doesn't mind when he comes home & we're watching Dancing With the Stars on his big flatscreen tv, but visits for a few minutes, then holes up in his room & watches something else on his smaller tv. The whole situation is weird, but I'm trying my best--well, I'm trying--not to look a gift house in the mouth and ignore the odor and idiosyncracies of a 1950s original windows/wood paneling/wallpaper house. (His grandfather bought it in 1954 for $10,500. Excuse me while I go curl up & cry in self-pity.) To avoid too many transitions, we're driving the kids to & from the bus stop, have kept the same church attendance and aren't changing much...on the outside. So now you know. There will be many more changes as the months go on, and I'll keep you updated on those, too...I promise.